Copa Vida San Diego

I got called in for Jury Duty.  Ugh

There’s a new coffee shop 3 blocks from the court house.  Yippie!

Copa Vida, based in Pasadena has 2 locations in San Diego now.  The newest is on Broadway very close to Santa Fe Depot (for you Trolley and Coaster riders) and 3 blocks from the county courthouse.

The cafe is HUGE and very nice inside.  There’s also a very nice open counter facing Broadway to sit and enjoy the breeze blowing up Broadway from San Diego Bay.  The bar has some very nice gear including a big Alpha Dominiche Steam Punk machine which makes watching the preparation after ordering fun.

The coffee is good, not great, but good.  I had both a Flat White and the cold brew.  Both the espresso and cold brew had a typical 3rd wave flavor profile of high fruit acidity bordering on too tart.  Unfortunately, I find this to be a disturbing trend in the coffee world.  Some places keep it mostly in check (like Copa Vida) and others are just way out of bounds.  As, I said, the coffee is good, not great.  But, considering nearly across the street is Starbucks, this is definitely where you want to hang in this neck of the woods.

The staff was friendly and happy to talk about their shop and roasts.  They also have some nice small bites in the cafe which makes this a nice place to hang  on Jury Duty breaks for sure.

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