Starbucks Rewards Revamp

Starbucks LogoStarbucks is pulling a fast one folks!!! You already know I don’t like their coffee…in fact it’s total crap. But, they apparently are taking advantage of the fact that most people can’t do simple math anymore with their new Starbucks Rewards program.
They are revamping their Starbucks Rewards system starting April 1st…because “we listened to you”. Instead of 1 star per visit, it’s now 2 stars per dollar you spend…ok…so what? Instead of 30 stars to Gold level, it’s 300 stars…wait…hold the phone…menu please?
I’ll round a bit here to make the math easy, but a cup of coffee is $2 (forget all the fancy-schmancy drinks). So, with the old program, a coffee a day for 30 days got you Gold level for a total of $60.
Under the new program, Gold level costs you a flat bargain price of $150!!! So, for the addicts, this is good news, they will reach Gold faster and not much changes. For the people like me that got an ice tea once in a blue moon…no Gold for you (and no rewards either!) ¬†Starbucks just pocketed a shitload more money out all of you…because they guarantee at least $150 is spent before rewards are reached.

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