Starbucks Sucks

Yes, I know all you coffee snobs already know this, but I’m now totally on board. I never really liked Starbucks. But, after now going around and tasting single shots at various places, it’s very clear that Starbucks is mostly snowing the American public. There may be *some* stores with competent baristas that can pull a good shot, but, most stores now have fully automatic grinder/doser/tamper machines and automatic volumetric espresso machines. There’s not much for the barista to do but push buttons. So, that leaves the beans to be up to the challenge, and the machines to be perfectly calibrated. Mostly, the beans are over roasted, and the product really just isn’t that good.

Depressurize Portafilter – De’Longhi EC-155

Hi there.  Since the subject of depressurizing portafilters for many espresso machines is all over the internet with varying degrees of detail, I made a video showing how to do this in a non-destructive, reversible way for the De’Longhi EC-155  Enjoy

The La Pavoni basket mentioned in the video is this one which is currently out of stock as of 4/25/2014 at both Seattle Coffee Gear and Orphan Espresso.  So, good luck finding that if you want it.

Coffee Addiction

OK, so maybe I’m just a geek.  Maybe I’m just in a phase.  Maybe I’ve truly developed a coffee addiction.  But, now I can’t stop looking at espresso videos and machine reviews.  Do I really need a La Marzocco machine at home?  No…but that doesn’t stop me from constantly looking at this thing.  Yes, $7000 is obscene for a coffee machine at home.  But, look at it!  I guess what separates me from a true addict is the self control to NOT buy this.

My little De’Longhi EC-155 has been holding string for a month now.  I even took it to work the other day and made drinks for my team.  But, that’s when I was really left thinking, “man…I wish I had something with more volume and power.”  Of course, I really have zero need for this.  All my co-workers were very happy and complimentary of the quality of the drinks I produced.  But, still…look at that La Marzocco!

I also find myself drooling over espresso porn like this:

espresso porn

espresso porn

Is there such thing as a health addiction?  I think psychologists say yes.  So, I’m gonna hold on to that while I go browse pictures of espresso machines.


So, what exactly am I doing here?  Well, after many trips to Europe (Italy specifically), I realized that Starbucks really is not good.  Peet’s is o.k., and so many other places are just plain not worth the money.  So, I decided to get good at making the drinks I like specifically to save money.  With that goal in mind, I had to choose equipment that was not outrageously expensive but capable of doing the job.  I’m here to share my experiences.