Depressurize Portafilter – De’Longhi EC-155

Hi there.  Since the subject of depressurizing portafilters for many espresso machines is all over the internet with varying degrees of detail, I made a video showing how to do this in a non-destructive, reversible way for the De’Longhi EC-155  Enjoy

The La Pavoni basket mentioned in the video is this one which is currently out of stock as of 4/25/2014 at both Seattle Coffee Gear and Orphan Espresso.  So, good luck finding that if you want it.

Coffee Addiction

OK, so maybe I’m just a geek.  Maybe I’m just in a phase.  Maybe I’ve truly developed a coffee addiction.  But, now I can’t stop looking at espresso videos and machine reviews.  Do I really need a La Marzocco machine at home?  No…but that doesn’t stop me from constantly looking at this thing.  Yes, $7000 is obscene for a coffee machine at home.  But, look at it!  I guess what separates me from a true addict is the self control to NOT buy this.

My little De’Longhi EC-155 has been holding string for a month now.  I even took it to work the other day and made drinks for my team.  But, that’s when I was really left thinking, “man…I wish I had something with more volume and power.”  Of course, I really have zero need for this.  All my co-workers were very happy and complimentary of the quality of the drinks I produced.  But, still…look at that La Marzocco!

I also find myself drooling over espresso porn like this:

espresso porn

espresso porn

Is there such thing as a health addiction?  I think psychologists say yes.  So, I’m gonna hold on to that while I go browse pictures of espresso machines.


So, what exactly am I doing here?  Well, after many trips to Europe (Italy specifically), I realized that Starbucks really is not good.  Peet’s is o.k., and so many other places are just plain not worth the money.  So, I decided to get good at making the drinks I like specifically to save money.  With that goal in mind, I had to choose equipment that was not outrageously expensive but capable of doing the job.  I’m here to share my experiences.