Now Roasting – Fresh Roast SR700

Well, I did it.  I pulled the trigger on this baby, and will be taking the next step towards complete coffee snobbery.  Of course the computer geek in me couldn’t be content with the SR-500.  No, I had to get the Fresh Roast SR700 so I can control the thing with my laptop and save my roast profiles.

Now, I just have to wait for the beans I ordered from Sweet Maria’s to get here so I can start roasting and blending.  I will be posting updates with my efforts, so stay tuned.  The funny thing is I think this may actually make me buy more coffee…in the name of research of course.  I have to have baseline samples with which to compare my output.

2 thoughts on “Now Roasting – Fresh Roast SR700”

  1. Hi,
    i am thinking to buy an SR700 but I`m not sure, if it is possible to get it here in Europe. Can you tell me the manufacturer contact details so I can check that with him?

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