Home Roast Sumatra

Sumatra Iskandar won some awards this year.  So I picked up a few pounds to home roast.

Roasted with FreshRoast SR700 to Full City+

Roasted with FreshRoast SR700 to Full City+

This batch was roasted 20 sec into a rolling second crack.  It came out excellent.  Brewed as a single origin espresso, it had all the body you would expect.  It was thick and syrupy, with mild sweetness and a touch of acidic tang to wake up the mouth.  I regularly use 25% Sumatra in my “go-to” espresso blend, and this bean again showed me why I do it.

As an Aeropress brew, this was also outstanding.  The cup was exceptionally smooth and not bitter at all.  The sweetness was perhaps more pronounced than in the espresso preparation and the aroma had chocolate notes to it.  The thickness of the body noted in the espresso preparation was also very noticeable.


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