Gaggia Classic Espresso Shot with Good Grinder

I did a video with the Gaggia Classic and a budget grinder to prove you could get a really nice shot with a setup that you could get out the door with at about $500.

Macap M2M

Macap M2M

So, now, here’s the reason you always hear people talk about the grinder, grinder grinder, when giving advice on making better espresso at home.  Here’s a shot with the Gaggia Classic and a good grinder, the Macap M2M.  This setup is closer to $1000 out the door new (machine and grinder).

Note that I did use a slightly different technique here and different beans, but that really made little difference to the overall outcome.  In the budget shot, I used a single origin, natural process Sumatra bean…which produces great crema.  In this shot I used a blend, but plain and simple, the better grinder yields a better shot.

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