Gaggia Classic Espresso Shot with Budget Grinder

So, you want to stay on the cheap, and you’re wondering if you can actually get a decent shot of espresso.  Yes, yes you can.  Keep in mind that “cheap” is quite relative your your situation, but the combo of a Gaggia Classic with a Capresso Infinity grinder can produce a very respectable beverage.

All told, you can be out the door under $500 and brewing cafe quality beverages at home.

Latte Art with the Gaggia Classic

Latte Art with the Gaggia Classic

Some people will tell you that you HAVE to spend at least $500 on the grinder alone, or to get a Rancillio Silvia.  But, your wallet is the deciding factor.  Yes, the grinder DOES make that big a difference even on a lower end machine.  So, if you can afford it, get a better grinder.  But, if you have a budget of $500, this solution right here is a damn fine choice. 

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